(turnkey package)


Midway between the disco and the artistic performance, the Mini Disco is a sensory experience and unique for the viewer. Nestled in a fully customized truck, she offers an immersion in a world of music in perpetual evolution. For a moment, cut yourself off from the rest of the world and party on a miniature dancefloor!

SEE THE VIDEO : click here


  1. Parade, Festival, Carnival
  2. Equipment, sound & light
  3. Plug & play
  4. Ability to play while moving
  5. Assembly of a cloakroom and / or bar in front of / from the truck at the same time

Mobile stage

  1. A simple and effective technical solution
  2. A moving scene
  3. Quick assembly / disassembly
  4. A modulable scene: addition of walkable, podium

Major event

  1. Technical Authority
  2. Artist's Lodge
  3. Information point
  4. Ticketing
  5. Partner Stand

Video Mapping

  1. Video animation on the van
  2. Video animation from the van : on your company, your monuments, heritage enhancement
  3. Using our screens to enhance your brand, disseminate information


Live Graffiti painting / Exhibition

  1. Live graffiti on the outside of the van
  2. Painting the blinds inside
  3. Exposure inside / outside the vehicle
  4. Mini mobile museum
  5. Opening

Private event

  1. Seminar, wedding, birthday
  2. Custom decoration, highlighting
  3. Creation of suitable outdoor furniture (standing bar + stool, coffee tables + chairs, bar)
  4. A tailor-made offer

Branding, street marketing

  1. Give visibility to your communication media
  2. Match your brand with our actions
  3. Street marketing action
  4. Sound and physical visibility
  5. Video screens
  6. Total covering

Showroom, showcase

  1. Ephemeral shop
  2. Reception area: installation of furniture around the van
  3. Advertising operation
  4. Showroom, street showcase